Don’t allow vague fears and self-doubt stop you from doing what you want or discourage you from achieving something you always dreamed about. Most of the time, self-doubt can end up draining your energy that you are left with nothing but an illusion of that big dream you can’t achieve because you are trapped in a place where only you can rescue yourself.

Always try to break free and see things from a positive and constructive view which helps to boost energy and overcome hurdles. Below are ways to untrap yourselves and increase your daily motivation:

Reduce Your Daily Distractions

There are days when you wake up ready to conquer the world and there are bad days when you feel like it’s really not worth the stress. But the truth is, the world doesn’t care about these bad days and no matter what, you have to get things done. Which is why it is important for us to be aware of what gets us easily distracted and try to put them aside for a while when trying to stay focused. Try putting your smartphone in silent mode and keep it at a distance, avoid social media and online TV series/movie websites; instead, time yourself using Offtime in order to keep yourself on track.

Play Music That Gives you Energy

This therapy is specifically for people who enjoy listening to music as their antidote for relieving stress.  This is considered one of the simplest things to do during your bad days; whenever you feel low in energy or motivation the best thing to do is to play music that is upbeat and/or inspires you in some way. A break with a few songs or working while listening to them for a while usually works well.

Compare Yourself To Yourself

Work on yourself regularly, encourage healthy competition, aim to be better than who you were the day before instead of deflating yourself and your motivation by comparing yourself to others.

Remind Yourself What You Are Working Towards

When you’re feeling unmotivated and low in energy it’s easy to lose sight of why you’re doing something. So take 2 minutes and write down your top 3 reasons for doing this work, getting an education, working out, saving that extra money or something else. Put that note where you can see it every day or keep it in your smartphone for easy access when you need a motivational boost.

Be Grateful For What You Have

Finally, always be thankful for what you have and your situation because it is normal for us to complain whenever we are running low on motivation. Take time to ask yourself three things you steadily have that others find difficult to get and be grateful for them.  For example, be a roof over your head, clean water and you not having to go hungry.

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