There is this warm feeling you have on Fridays that make you look forward to the weekend. It makes you want to indulge yourself. Embrace it.

Your weekend consists of sixty hours and you don’t one out of those hours to be anything less of the amazing weekend you have anticipated. Basking in the peace of being in the confines of your own space without the hoot of car horns or never chit-chat of co-workers during work hours is enough bliss.

A relaxing weekend will have you feeling ready to tackle another busy week ahead. Adding this to your weekend bucket list might just be what you need to keep you smiling through the weekend.

Turn off technology or unplug from your computer for at least 24 hours. Be available for more personal connection, even if you are quietly presence. With fewer distractions, you will invite relaxation. And, the less you schedule during your weekend, the slower your pace. Everyone needs at least one slow morning a week where there is no time commitment to get ready for. Enjoy this restful pace.

Do something out of your usual routine, visit friends, see a movie, take your kids to a natural park, read a book, play a board game, practise a musical instrument, take a nap or just create more family time. This might be short but it will definitely be soothing.

Weekends are speed thrills. Make the most out it.

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