Anyone who’s dated knows that relationships differ a lot, and no two look the same. When it comes to giving and getting respect in your relationship, this is especially true. In some relationships, there will be a balance of respect given and received, while in others, there will be one partner who tends to hold more power.

This power dynamic can also shift at different times in your relationship. And this is all normal and healthy.

These are best ways to give and receive respect in a relationship, that may help you find the balance in yours:

Speak up.
If you’re not clear with your partner about what you want and need, then how do you expect them to know? If you don’t use your voice and speak up, then you’ll suffer in silence, and may grow to resent the relationship.

Do little things that show respect.
If you want to build more respect in your relationship, take it one step at a time. Start with small things like picking up after yourself, asking your partner about their day, or offering help without being asked.

Have a life outside the relationship.
Feeling strong and capable outside of your relationship is important, both for you as a person and for your relationship. If the majority of one partner’s happiness, identity, or fulfilment comes from the relationship, that’s a lot of pressure.

Stay true to your word.
As they say, actions speak far louder than words. If you say you’re going to do something, follow through and do it.


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