Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your life really timed out just like a credit card does? What if life really was programmed and could be bought like units as we do prepaid light bills? How would you spend your time? How would you live your life?

This thought came to me when I saw the movie, “In time” starring Justin Timberlake. I guess you have seen it too. It’s quite an old movie.

In the film, time replaced money as the unit of currency and ageing stopped at the age of 25 after which, tick-tock….tick-tock….till your time expires unless you replenish your clock. Everyone’s lifespan was timed and you could see the clock ticking away on your lower arm.

As expected, humans that we are, greed overcame some people and they wanted to live forever but that was at the expense of another’s life. That didn’t really matter as people killed people to steal their time and increase their years.

Now, it really was a superbly interesting movie which for me didn’t end when it was finished. It left an impression on me and made me always wonder…. How do I spend my time? How do I live my life?

In the actual sense, our lives are really timed. Sure, we do not get to see the clock ticking away on our arm but as each moment passes, we grow older. In the movie, it was possible to extend your years by stealing another’s time but not in reality. Once our time expires on this earth, we are gone for good. What would be the legacy or proof of your life on earth?

Putting on your thinking hat now, haven’t you? Do you sometimes wonder about the purpose of your existence? Do you wonder why you were created? Do you see your life as meaningless and the world just seems to move in a flash in front of your eyes and you are no part of it?

Do you sometimes ask yourself “Why am I even living?”, “Why am I alive if I am really not living?” But we are alive for a reason – we are supposed to share our lives with others because Life is a gift.

Heroes, people of influence, inventors in the likes of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Mother Theresa, Saint Pope John Paul II to mention but a few are constantly celebrated today and made reference to because of the amazing legacy they left – they all lived a life of service.

At the time, they just lived their individual lives and did what they figured was right. They fought for justice, ruled wonderfully, invented great things……they contributed positively to the growth and development of the world before they died. Today, we gain tremendously from their lives well lived and the words of wisdom which continues to foster strength, knowledge and unity in the world.

So the big question is…..How are you living your life? What would you be remembered for?

Now, not all of us can be in those top positions to be so known by all but one truth that can’t be denied is that in whatever corner of the world you dwell in, you are a person of influence by virtue of how you live.

Your smile, kind words, morality, friendliness goes a long way in affecting others just as much as your anger, hatred, hostility, enmity. Other people look up to you without you knowing and they aspire to be like you. What are those traits do you want them to pick from you?

PHOTO CREDIT: Indian Ruminations

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