One of the reasons why humans continue to wallow in mediocrity is because they hold on to ‘Good’ like a newborn clutching it’s empty fist and letting ‘Great’ slip away. According to a school of thought, it is believed that being great is a load too hard to bear therefore it makes it seem unattainable. However, it is important to note that as humans we are debtors to being the very best version of ourselves each day.

It’s good to condition ourselves for success. We can do this by preparing for it, visioning it, pursuing it, seeking it and wanting it. But we can’t expect our success to explode like the fireworks during the yuletide display.

As much as we may not want to accept the truth, sometimes we condition ourselves to accept the ‘good’ things and discard the ‘great’ things. There is no life manual that will actually explain how these will be achieved but taking note of these small things might be all you need to do. Opt to create relevance in an industry than just at a job, decide to create a family living in a home and not just a house filled with a husband or partner and kids. Choosing to create a longlasting brand instead of just setting up a sales point where you do ‘buying and selling’ should be your drive for gaining relevance in your business area.

Goals get you to work harder, focus more and definitely perform better. The one thing you should not allow around you is mediocrity.

When you do something, do it well or not at all. Always strive for outperforming yourself.


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