Farida Ado, a Nigerian romance novelist who writes in Hausa, has been listed as one of the TIME magazine’s 2018 Next Generation Leaders.

In the list that was released on 17 May 2018, Ado was praised for becoming a leading force in a highly transitional time in Kano, a state in the North of Nigeria. Her books much like Jane Austen’s features romance modified to suit the reality of the times in Kano. So far, the 32 year old has authored six books featuring forbidden romance, polygamy and inter-generational drama. “Women turn to romance novels to figure out how to live their own lives,” she says. She draws inspiration from the reality of the society around her.


She describes writing like a drug and admits to not being able to stop once she begins.

When I started writing, everyone in my family thought I was crazy. It got to a point where I would wake up only at night when everyone was asleep to write. Sometimes I would get caught and they would tear up my writing.

The Next Generation Leaders’ list is produced on a biannual basis to celebrate young people doing extraordinarily well in their areas of endeavours. This a huge milestone for the author who was once shamed for doing what she loves. We couldn’t be more proud.


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