Have you ever been in a terrible situation in which you feel submerged and it seems like you cannot get out of the rut? But even in that situation, there’s a tiny hole say the size of a peanut and taking a closer look, you will see a ray of the sun go through. That ray of sun, tiny as it is, is known as HOPE. With this hope, you strive to make that one-time little peak, a big hole through which you can eventually come out.

Believing in yourself, knowing in the deepest part of your heart, that you could open and widen that little tiny hole into a big hole that you could emerge from comfortably; that I’ll like to call FAITH and faith doesn’t come alone. It brings its companions: self-confidence, strong will and determination.

Faith and hope go together and that is why the higher you strive, the hole gets wider and before you know it, you are out of the rut and in the sunlight. Now that is the grace of God at work in you.

God believes in His children. He might be slow to respond when certain things are happening to us causing us pain and sorrows. He feels our pain as well and even though He could take it away just by saying the “word”, He sometimes permits pains and sufferings to test us like He did Job in the bible.

Sometimes we don’t even feel His presence; like He is not there but in truth, He is closer then than ever before. Instead of us travelling the journey alone, He carries us.

If life was all smooth; if no ups and downs in life, how do we appreciate that He is God? How do we understand the powers of His name in our lives? How do we love Him and honour Him?

Sometimes we feel so tired of the turmoils of life; like the boat, we are sailing on is sinking. We just want to disappear. We are that tired but that is the time to strive to keep hope alive. Difficult it may seem but you can do it. We can do it.

With hope, faith and will power, all is possible. Turmoils are phases in life we go through. Even Jesus Himself felt it in the garden of Gethsemane and cried to His father for help.

Life isn’t all rosy. In fact, it is the turmoils that make it interesting.

The existence of God is the beauty of life itself. Yes we go through terrible times and we feel He is just bidding His time but while he sometimes gives the devil avenues to fool himself, He can never be defeated because His plans for us is to save us and not to harm us. He also promised that His plans for us are of good and no of evil to bring us to an expected end.

Believe in God; trust in the power of His might and your faces will continually be radiant with joy.

God is indeed great. He truly is an awesome God.

PHOTO CREDIT: desiringgod.org

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