There are so many journeys we undertake in this singular journey of life and these we would discover as we look deeply at the various chapters or phases in our lives. Though we may not see them as journeys because we have named them differently – GROWTH, PROGRESSION, DEVELOPMENT, IMPROVEMENT, ADVANCEMENT, MATURITY etc.

In every lesson, life teaches us irrespective of the situation or circumstance, the moral of every experience is to grow. When faced with challenges and we fail on the first few attempts, life doesn’t expect us to quit or keep taking that route.

Failure teaches us to be creative, try another approach and then another until we succeed and when we make it, we feel this sense of victory, fulfilment and satisfaction. Life doesn’t keep teaching us the same lesson over and over again because we have learnt the objective of that topic.  Instead, it moves on to perhaps a more difficult lesson because the higher you climb, the more challenges you face.

I want to believe that even life knows that we have the capabilities to overcome difficulties and break barriers and that is why it keeps pushing us until we surpass our limits and boundaries and bring forth the very best of us. Hence the saying, “It is not over until it is over”.

Life is like a game. You do not take it too seriously and get lost in its maze. Naaaa….the word is “caution”; the word is “simplicity”.

More often than not, if you take a look at your past mistakes, you discover the reason you missed it in the first place is because you didn’t apply either caution or simplicity. The answer to whatever the situation was, might have been in plain sight, but we figure the answer might be in being all too serious and not even taking time to relax and breathe. Hence, we miss it.

If life throws bricks, stones and sticks at you, do you get hit once or twice and then give up in anger and defeat or do you learn from the first one or two hits and begin to build yourself a nice shelter so that at its completion, you no longer need to dodge more bricks or sticks because you are now within the comfort and security of your shelter?

Take the bricks, stones and sticks as the defeating and demoralizing comments you get from other people and sometimes even you condemning yourself. You don’t see Oprah taking heed to the words “unfit for tv” or Walt Disney paying attention to the words, “lack imagination and had no good ideas”. No! Those words were the stones on which they climbed to reach the peak of success.

The day you stop listening to that silly condemning voice in your head or that of other people, is the day you begin to succeed. Wayne Dyer said, “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours”. You are great at what you do. Just stop dilly-dallying in a forte that isn’t for you. Find your niche and excel in great proportions.

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