In the twenty-first century, it is nearly impossible not to find yourself having ‘Screen time’ at least within the first twelve hours of the day.  You wake up each morning with your phone winking at you, at work, your computer is patiently waiting for your touch and when you get back home at the close of the day, the TV says “Hey, come over here!”

It is rare not to come in contact with a screen every day now due to the advancement of technology. Invariably, it is not impossible to rule out screen time from the life of a twenty-first woman’s life.

But how much screen time is too much screen time?

There is no speculated amount of timing presently but there are disadvantages you need to watch out for; Less connection with people around you, the chance of getting addicted, or the possibility of it killing your sleeping pattern.

If you are on a 9-5 (depending on your profession) then this is probably your regular screen time pattern – You apparently spend your day switching from one digital screen to another. The first thing you do when you wake up is check your email and social media, then catch up on the news via a tablet, play games on our phone on our way to work and spend 8 hours working on a computer. A good way to protect your eyes is by wearing a pair of Ultra-violet protective glasses which help to filter out 20 percent of the damaging blue-violet light, allowing only the good light. Another considerable option is to dim your computer’s screen brightness.

Television screen time should be minimized by reducing the number of television programmes you watch especially if you are already a TV addict.

Phones are the new buddies. Pick up your phone to talk to a friend rather than text, tweet or send a direct message, read hardcover copies of books more than e-copies, take pictures with actual cameras more often than you are used to, instead of immediately tweeting something you think is interesting or pithy, share it in a verbal conversation with a friend, colleague or family member.




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