As the long awaited weekend approaches, we lay back and grin from ear to ear in anticipation. Weekends are good time to relax however it is also a good time to socialise. Saturdays and  Sundays always grace us with church activities, weddings, social events, seminars, conferences and even master classes. It might do you some good to network even while you party and socialise. There is a possibility that you have attended a couple of masterclasses and yet do not know how to go about networking. So I think sitting in a room with power-houses and resource persons on a daily basis is so not cool. Your network is your net worth.


Perhaps you might be shy, more of an introvert or don’t want to be seen as desperate. Whatever category you fall in, this tips will help open your networking game;

Be confident and real 

In as much as you feel uncomfortable. Be confident and real when you introduce yourself. Don’t try to sound too intelligent, coming off as well positioned or trying to unnecessarily impress people, just be you. Feel good about yourself, everyone admires confidence and make small talks.


Don’t be such a fast talker that you fail to listen to whoever you are having a conversation with. Don’t allow the conversation to be all centred on you. Don’t sound desperate, ask open ended questions with genuity. Listening is an integral part of the learning lesson, key into their challenges, how they resolve them. Research is another beautiful tool you could use, say, you were to meet a minister or a corporate executive officer of your interest, ensure to make research about their interest so as not

On-the- spot offering of  value

Anyone who is offered good value  will glee at it’s presentation . It might not come in size of handing out a large chunk of currency notes, it could be as small as agreeing to do a small publicity of an upcoming event for them, reposting a book reading, referring one who can offer a needed service.


Where are you going to be on the 5th July, 2018?

The annual Flourish Africa Conference for women is billed for the date above. There will be 400 women and 8 female power-house speakers in 1 room.

Keep tabs on our various communication channels  to be updated on the event.


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