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While I am a lover of love and always excited to spread around the fairy dust of happiness and cheer, I particularly love to find new ways to keep things spiced up in my life and with my family and one of such ways to do this is through family traditions.

In this era where time is fast zipping away, we hardly find opportunities to spend that much-desired quality time with our family and loved ones. Before long, the kids are all grown and are gone to college and we begin to ask ourselves, “where did all the time go?”

No matter how busy we are, out of the 24 hours we are given in a day, we can always make the time to create some amazing family memories with those closest to our hearts. We don’t want to live as though we are going through the motions but we want to most certainly create impact and live our marks in the history of time.

These traditions provide a source of identity for families. It helps build the family story that children can easily relate with and help them discover who they really are and where they come from. Apart from this, family traditions help to strengthen the bond and connection within a family. They make you feel close-knit and provide for you the comfort and security that only family can give.

Even when the kids have left home to find their own footing in the world, they always find the time to come back home and be part of these set traditions. This shows it means more to them than just traditions. It is the time for family and it is indeed “family above all”, right?

These traditions also have a way of enhancing family values; it causes you to envision how you want your family to be and the steps you take in achieving them. “We are a family that loves”; “We are family that plays and prays together”; “We are a family that enjoys outdoor activities”; etc.

With these traditions, we are sure to build long-lasting memories that we can even share with our lineage. Some of these traditions, our children can take to their own homes and pass it on to their own children, hence, you have something going for your family more than the “family name”.

Some families already carry out some traditions like family meetings, eating a particular meal on certain days of the week, secret handshake, first-day celebration pictures (beginning a new school, new job, in a new house, birthdays etc.), travelling home for Christmas etc.

However, there are many more unconventional traditions we can incorporate and are sure to enjoy greatly with our families. Examples include taking a road trip to a new location for a vacation, sharing stories with each other, movie night, date nights, etc.

Can you think of any other? Kindly share with us.

PHOTO CREDIT: A Black Christmas!

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