The #EqualPay may seem to be gaining momentum as the New Zealand Football has announced that professional female footballers will begin to earn the same as men. This was announced by Andy Martin, the Chief Executive of the New Zealand Football, He described it as “a landmark moment for football in this country.”

The parity deal signifies that the organisation are committed to parity for the men and women’s game and intend to continue the growth in all areas of their sport.

This outlook was considered after talking to Football Fern Sarah Gregorius, who spoke with genuine excitement about the announcement and of her pride at being part of an organisation which has taken an important first step.

“Those flights would have a tangible impact on performance, especially when they play Japan in Wellington in June. The multitude of overseas-based Ferns would arrive in the capital more refreshed and ready to go than they ever had before.” Gregorius said.

The move will see women earn not just the same salaries as the men who play on the men’s national team, but also equal prize money and rights for image use. Equal travel benefits were also included in the decision, which will see the women stop flying economy on flights more than 6 hours when representing their country, and begin flying business class like the men.

This might just be a step towards achieving gender equality globally as a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

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