Do you often find your business running slow due to lack of customers coming in through your doors? Do you find it difficult to drive traffic and generate leads? If yes, you could just be doing a couple of things wrong without even knowing.

The first question you have to answer is this – “How much impact do you create for others?” Whatever your answer to this question will be, goes to show you the spreadsheet of why things are not turning out as great as you would expect for your business.

For successful businesses, their major focus is to be of great service to their clients and customers. They hardly focus on what it’s in it for them but more of how satisfied are their customers. This attitude has scored them a very happy bank account and happy customers.

Another question therefore is – “Do you make your business all about you or about your customers?” Bragging about the number of outlets you have, how long you have been in business for, the choice locations of your outlets, hallmarks of your business, may get the customers to come to your store but it may not cause them to stay loyal.

While all these are good in themselves, they often give out a tone of pride, especially when used wrongly. Why not make your business more about your customers, their needs and the solution you proffer, instead of making it about your business ego?

Remember, the customer is the reason for business. If they do not need the product or service you offer, you wouldn’t be opened to serve anyone. Therefore, everything about your business – online presence, social media platforms, marketing and promotions should be all about creating that amazing experience for your customers.

This you can achieve when you are humble enough to learn just what exactly your customers need. Find out their biggest struggles and tell them how your business can help them.

Another point to this is, whatever product or service you are offering should provide more value than the money you get for it. Bear in mind, successful businesses aren’t really about the money but about impacting value on others and society at large.

Customers pay for value. So serve them value. With this, you get them hooked to your business and they would keep coming back for more.


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