On March 24, demonstrators flooded streets across the globe in public protests on Saturday, calling for action against gun violence. Hundreds of thousands of marchers turned out, in the most ambitious show of force yet from a student-driven movement that emerged after the recent massacre at a South Florida high school. The turn-out was described to have exceeded the turn out of supporters for the inauguration of America’s current president, President Donald Trump.

At the main event in Washington, survivors of mass shootings, including the one in Florida, rallied a whooping crowd — “Welcome to the revolution,” said one of the student organizers — and spoke of communities that are disproportionately affected by gun violence. “It is normal to see flowers honoring the lives of black and brown youth that have lost their lives to a bullet,” Edna Chavez, 17, said of her South Los Angeles neighborhood.

There were several highlights drawn from this mind-blowing event which sent a wave across the globe that unity in crisis was infact possible and a necessity for carrying out democratic change. One of the highlights which caught our eye was the grand-daughter of late Civil Rights Movement activist, Martin Luther King who delivered a speech to address the crowd. The 9 year old addressed the crowd in such an adorable yet, powerful way reminding many of her late grandfather’s ability to rile up a crowd.

Watch the impactful video below. Source: @AMarch4OurLives on Twitter.

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