We all dream of being that billion dollar mogul but probably have not taken the right strides to help us get there. It’s possible that you are waiting for that time to break even. Not everyone comes across that opportunity at a networking event. For some, it might be over tea with a business mogul they admire in an unexpected place and for some, it might just be when you find yourself trapped in an elevator with your angel investor.  In all sincerity, how ready are you? If you ever find yourself stuck in an elevator with Aliko Dangote or Folorusho Alakija and the question pops up, “What do you do?” What will your response be?

It is obvious that every entrepreneur needs to know how to present an elevator pitch. It is a brief and persuasive presentation or dialogue that describes the functionality and speciality of your project, idea, product or business. It is usually done within a period of 60 seconds or less. It is nothing but a sales pitch- just sell yourself out.

What do you do?

It’s a straightforward question. Tell your audience what you or your company does. Try as much as possible not to sound like every other person they have listened to before. How do you do that? Ensure your idea, business or project has a problem-solving capability and communicate your unique selling point (USP). It helps to attract their attention. Add information or a statistic that shows the value in what you do. Define your target market, competitors and describe who is on your team.

Don’t go rambling and end up boring them. Good application of apt but detailed application of analogy is also awesome. Leave them with memorable details about you.

If you’re in marketing, don’t just say one of your biggest skills is content marketing. Instead, say that you can grow their website’s blog traffic, explain how you’d do that, and then tell them about that one time you doubled a company’s traffic in a year.


Make it short 

They are not cut out to have their time wasted. You typically have just 60 seconds or less to leave an exciting, impactful and meaningful impression with whomever you come in contact with. So make it count.


Don’t underestimate your personal magical wand

Everyone has a personal spin. Try not to sound too stiff, let your personality come through. It could be the last magical touch that would make you nail your pitch.


Practise regularly

Have a mental picture of your ideas so as to have your thoughts properly collected. Practise your Elevator Pitch so it’s second nature and comes across as a natural part of your story and who you are.





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