The weekend is here and I am sure we all have different activities lined up for us which could include sleeping. There is a high tendency that some of us might be considering changing our hairdo for the following week.

Just like clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories, our hair is also an important factor in determining how we look. With the fashion and beauty industry growing like wildfire, hairstyles have become a fashion statement. Women now wear their hairstyles in Afro, Ghana weaving, didi, thread, wool, fixing weaves, and the lifesaver wigs.

Just in case you are not sure about what next hairstyle you should rock to work, below are ten hairdo inspirations for you.


This hairstyle is also referred by people as ‘natural’ particularly because of how it looks and its length. It is also an old hairstyle which has been redefined to fit this current generation. Afro, can be done both on natural and relaxed hair; the only difference is that one looks fuller than the other. It is also very safe and comfortable to rock.

Classic African Braids

You can call it box braids, Bob Marley or million braids but this protective hairstyle has been worn by most women. It is usually rocked according to the individual’s preference on colour and length. While the good thing is that it can last for up to two months.



This is one of the most loved African hairstyles. You can make it using the Brazilian wool or kneading wool which can be braided or wrapped into a yarn to resemble faux locs. It takes about three hours to make and can last for more than a month.

Ghana Weaving

Widely accepted now, this air hairdo has been revamped and renewed to a sleeker and more trendy form. Depending on your hair texture it can last for three to four weeks; this hairstyle can be rocked by every woman that loves her hair and loves to trend. Made with either wool or regular attachments you’d be sure to spend 2 to 4 hours in the salon.


Weaving / Didi

It is not a bad idea to rock your natural hair alone to work. Ditch the regular hair extensions and let the hair breath for a while. You can weave your hair into different hairdos like shuku – a Western Nigerian hairdo, all back, two-step and its likes.

Locs Braids

This style can be worn for up to a year but it takes a lot to maintain. It is advisable to meet an expert in natural hair styling to install this locs for you. It is not only regarded as a protective style, faux locs helps with hair growth plus it is trendy and comes with a special feeling. The stylist may take up to 4 hours to install this style with regards to how long it would be worn.

Fixing Weaves

It takes up to 45 minutes to fix any weave depending on the length or stylist. Most of the time, the short pixie cut takes a longer time to make because of the process. While some people invest in hair extensions which are quite expensive but beautiful others opt to buy the synthetic weave. These styles can be short, Medium or full stretch long. It can also be sleeky, curly or wavy; 100% human hair, virgin hair, Brazilian and Peruvian hair.


Comfortable, affordable and stress-free, wigs save most women the stress of visiting the salon. You can buy different styles and wear them whenever you are stepping out.


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