Ever wondered how difficult life would be if we are unable to communicate with each other? One can feel the frustration when there is a lack of effective communication in an interaction let alone if we couldn’t at all. Be it with the use of words, body language, signs etc., communication is very important as it is our only means of passing information to each other.

Having the right communication skills is very important if we are to effectively talk with one another and live a really happy and successful life. Effective communication builds friendships and relationships, establishing bonds between people of all tribes, race, colours or ethnicity. However, this form of communication must include honesty, love, trust, sharing and care.

Through communication, we all aspire to achieve a united goal for the benefit of all – Development in society, culture and economic activities.

  • Communication skills reveals your true character: 
    When you communicate humbly with all the people, it showcases how great you are as a person. It goes to show that you don’t just communicate humbly for the sake of getting something but instead you do it because it’s your nature and character.
  • Communication skills establishes bonds: The tongue can make thousands of friends as well as enemies at the same time. It’s about how and when you use it. In anger, we tend to easily flare up and use some hurtful negative words but in peace, we use subtle, kind and careful words. Communication skills must be deeply innate in us such that irrespective of how we feel or whatever mood we are in, we are always able to control our tongue. That’s why anger, aggressive and rude communication is a bad communication skill that can make more enemies than friends or can convert an honest friend into an enemy. Hence the importance of remaining calm in negative situations.
  • Communication skills are very essential for one to become a leader:

    Leaders are expected to build a positive mindset among the people if they are to lead them in the right direction and this they can do via effective communication. Everyone knows the importance of teamwork to achieve set goals. More work gets done easier, faster and even more accurately. However, this can only be possible if everyone works in one accord, having set goals in mind. This can be achieved by properly communication among the leader and team members. Lack of communication can cause everyone moving in different directions causing a re-enactment of the Bible story – Tower of Babel.

    If a leader lacks the skill to properly communicate, then it would be very difficult to create that positive mindset in people.

Communication skills help to create a positive environment and make big things possible. Paul J.Meyer said, “Communication – the human connection, is the key to personal and career success.”

PHOTO CREDIT: NewsDay Zimbabwe

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