Over the weekend, one of the things I got up to was taking myself out to breakfast. It had been a busy week and heaven knows, I was in need of some TLC and not from anyone but myself for myself. I took time off to be selfish with my time as I sat on a pretty looking white table at a cafe with a plate of full english breakfast that could scare away a person with an eating disorder. There was everything on that plate and I am proud to say that I devoured it all.

As I took some time off to reflect and think of some of the people I had met over the past few weeks who had really had an impression on me, I realised something. They never ever think little. Even with some of my ideas which I had shared with them, it occured to me that in comparison with some people from my inner circle, they always had a can-do spirit that they encouraged me to imbibe; even if said thing was OBVIOUSLY a long shot. Now, this latter statement is what I hope to adress.

Often times, we limit ourselves to crumbs-the left overs. I know I’m guilty of it and when I think about it like this, I cringe. You see, you have to carry yourself different if you want to be treated different or you want your experience to be different from the majority of the population.

She who thinks she can move mountains and she who thinks she can’t are both correct.

You are exactly what you think you are in terms of your goals and vision. Now thinking doesn’t always mean you’re quite there yet, in fact your mind set is necessary for the climb-that’s what will get you to do the work that will enable you get ‘there’-although the destination is a never ending one. For as long ass you’re alive, you’ll keep striving for something; it’s one of the things that keeps us going.

I think that as a society, especially within my home country, Nigeria, we tend to believe that BIG THINKING belongs to the wealthy and can you blame us? The country, like most African countries is wired in such a way that the very basic amenities aren’t quite as basic however, this is merely an excuse, one we make to keep from getting hurt.

You believe little of yourself so that every achievement comes as a surprise and is therefore worth celebrating.

This type of thinking might seem harmless as first but it prevents you from reaching for the stars because you believe you can’t even make it to the top of the hill so you settle for whatever little opportunities come your way because that’s what you believe you deserve. I hope that we all resolve to ensuring that we think highly of ourselves and engage in the work necessary to move mountains because we believe that we can.

This week, remember that you are exactly who you think you are. What is that exactly?

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