One of the most beautiful things about the royal wedding was the fact that it was such an imperfect fairy tale. The bride wasn’t your typical ‘royal worthy’ bride and neither were her family. But again, that didn’t stop what would go down as one of the most historical moments to potentially set a leading precedent. If Martin Luther King were alive to see his legacy, I’m sure even he, would be immensely proud.

This got me thinking about all the times society has set criteria that we all have to meet and has created this facade that one size truly does fit all even though we come in varied shapes and sizes. It got me thinking about all the women who had written themselves off as compromised and undeserving… of love, wealth and maybe even God. Many people who are out of the church have admitted to leaving because they felt condemned in their walk with God. They believed that their sins were too great that their prayers would almost count as an abomination so why even bother? The same applies with how we treat ourselves and what we believe that we’re entitled to – too often, it’s so much less than what we ought to demand.

Some of us have come to believe that we are our mistakes. We believe it so badly that the devil doesn’t even have to do much to ensure that it becomes our reality; It’s no news that you become who you believe you are. So today, I urge you to take a cue from Meghan Markle (now, Duchess of Sussex) and let her story, if nothing, encourage you. I also love to draw inspiration from a popular Pastor fave of mine, Sarah Jakes Roberts. As daughter of one of the world’s most highly recognised ministers, Rev T.D Jakes; she all but failed as a daughter: from falling pregnant at 14 to a failed marriage, she just wasn’t your definition of the ideal Woman of God or even a success. Today, she has taken in her father’s footsteps and continues to change lives through delivering the word of God in a way that is remarkably relatable. She’s also added the best-selling author stamp to her many achievements and she is married to a leading Pastor with a blended, beautiful marriage. I don’t think that if she had believed her mess, she would be where she is today.

I’d like to encourage you to look past your blunders, no matter how many times you’ve made them or how ridiculously shameful they’ve been. You are who God says you are and unfortunately, you’re just not powerful enough to tamper with that identity. You’re either keying into it or you’re ‘playing yourself’. Today, I urge you to choose. Are you going to keep letting your shortcomings dictate your present and future? Or are you going to see them for what they are: learning curves to guide you to the path of your purpose.  Make your choice.


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