As worship was led in church on Sunday and the choir sang to the tune of Israel Houghton’s more recent single: ‘Reckless love of God’, I couldn’t help but tear up. The part of the song that brought the sniffles was where the lyrics went as follows: “I don’t deserve it, I couldn’t earn it, still you give yourself away”. In truth, I started to really ask myself what made me such a good candidate for God’s blessings, if any at all and I couldn’t think of anything-not one thing.

Then, I started to think of all the things that had gone wrong in my life. How easy it came for me to blame God and in some instances, even give up on prayer because I had deemed that situation too grim to even bother. Yet, I had done nothing to deserve His blessings so why then did I turn around to blame Him whenever it would go south? It got me thinking of our sense of entitlement as Human beings not just in dealing with God but in dealing with other human beings.

If you looked inwards at many of the misunderstandings you’ve had with people, you’ll find it deeply rooted in entitlement of one or both parties. You might even find that the cause of the problems lie with you and might have to check your self entitlement right at the door.

We believe we deserve good things, we believe our lives should be as great as the people on Instagram. If they’re doing it, why can’t we? Although it isn’t a terrible thing to aspire to greater, it can be a terrible thing if we’re constantly focused on everything we want to achieve against how we’re giving back. What seeds are you sowing? How are you helping those you have access to? If you died today, would you have touched a life? Would you have left a legacy?

I realised as I sang during worship that the love of God is defined as ‘reckless’ because His love unlike ours doesn’t care if you’re giving back or how low you are. It is ever ready to still envelope you. This is the same love we’re called to embody towards others. There’s always a way we can help the next person, no matter how small, sometimes it’s tangible, other times it’s through an act of service or in kind.

Let’s get out of our entitlement bubbles. In a world plagued with mental health issues, constant feelings of unworthiness, depression and self-doubt, the world truly needs kinder people.

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  1. Kemi Juba

    Wow.. I really needed this today. The funny thing is I cried to this song this morning and told God to please give me a sign to confirm he has heard me. Only for me to read this now.

    Thank you for posting this.

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