I’ve been gone for roughly two weeks and I must say, the holiday was a refreshing break for a brand new start. I highly recommend taking one every now and again!

Before this year, I don’t remember ever taking leave from work. I had worked myself to the bone in the past two years and I remember noting how I was going to travel more even if that meant I explored my home country by visiting other states and integrating myself in the diverse cultures Nigeria has to offer-fancy way of saying I’m a cheap skate but hey, don’t judge me. Albeit, it was a mental decision that yielded surprising fruit; It is only the month of May and I have since been to Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic and South Africa. ‘Africa, my beatiful continent’, is what I’ve themed it. A few months ago, the ‘How’ seemed so far away. It appeared as though this was merely a thought and the possibility of it becoming my reality seemed almost impossible. However, these little baby steps taught me the power of being deliberate in other areas of my life.

You see, many times, we like to avoid making plans or put off setting goals in a bid to avoid disappointment. We tell ourselves, if you have no goals and you have no plans, there’s no way life could get you down because any win is a big win because you weren’t even banking on it. Right? What’s interesting about this notion is that you literally have no road map and what’s even more interesting about having no form of direction is that you end up everywhere but nowhere. If you find that your life pattern seems to have you making several pitstops that you have no business being at, you might have to think about your road map, if there is one.

In my time away, I spent a lot of time reflecting and gathering my thoughts, thinking about where it was I needed to be this same time next year. It occured to me that so many of us can be found guilty of spending so much time painting the bigger picture of where we’d like to be a couple of years down the road that we forget that tiny little pieces consisting of short-term goals make up the bigger piece. The more we think of the many assets we’d like to acquire, against the backdrop of none which we currently possess, you’re more likely to get frustrated and completely throw in the towel. But, when you start thinking of putting away some money every other month, by the end of the year, it would have accumulated and then, you could invest in a money market fund or opt for securing treasury bills. In that regard, you would have worked your way up to gradually ensuring that some day soon, you’re able to: ‘secure the bag’!

I believe that we are more powerful than we tend to give ourselves credit. I urge you today, to stop second-guessing yourself and go for whatever it is you want out of life with all the determination and grit you can muster. The more I study the most powerful women in the world, I have come to realise a personality trait that’s so common to nearly all of them; it’s a confidence that you can’t take away… and just before you go off on the excuse that it’s due to their being wealthy, hear them speak and you’ll realise that long before they achieved greatness, they knew they would be great and walked with that posture. Chin high, shoulders broad and never waning in setting out to do the impossible. Did they fail here and there? Well, they wouldn’t be human if they didn’t. But that’s the difference, failure just made them even more motivated.

Stop getting in the way of the greatness that God has already bestowed on you. You can and you will. Now, it’s time to act like it.


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