This past weekend was a particularly joyful one. Our sister NGO,  which caters specifically to widows and orphans turned 10. Can you believe it? It’s been a full decade of empowering the most vulnerable groups of society ensuring that they are able to live financially independent lives. Remarkable! What struck me the most about their journey, however, was their inception.

Mrs Folorunso Alakija and 1st lady to the Governor of Lagos state, Mrs Bolanle Ambode

Our founder, Mrs Folorunso Alakija, shared that she received a clear instruction from God citing James 1:27 as the bible verse the lord let her to. She took heed not knowing how or where she would start, but from 3 Widows, the foundation has morphed into a network of thousands of widows and children, making social impact on nearly 10,000 households in total.

This story is important for the person who knows exactly what God has been telling them to do but is doubting in their own ability, forgetting that He who called them is able to give them the capacity they’ll require for the job. It is important for the person who’s started off the week thinking everyone else seems to be zooming off in their various directions but they seem stagnant or not to be growing. This story is important for the woman who’s uncertain that she will be able to make it because the work just seems too great for her. This story is important for the woman who just like Peter, is going in the direction they need to already but, are steadily anxious unsure if they would be able to keep walking on water much like Peter was before he started to sink.

The journey isn’t yours to carry out, it isn’t by your power or your might. You’re just the vessel. A keen understanding of this helps me finally understand why our founder references God a lot in her accomplishments.

So if you’re that person still in doubt, remember who you serve. His name is on the line here, and His words will never return back to Him void. If he said it, isn’t He able and just to complete it?

So, enough with the anxiety. Do it anyway!

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