I used to have this friend that was a night owl and one time, he missed his early morning flight to the UK. After going through so much stress to make the reservation and payment, as it was rush period, he lost everything just because he slept in. He not only missed the flight but also missed the important meeting for which he needed to make the urgent trip – all because he couldn’t get himself to get out of bed.

Are you the type to find your sleep really sweet and beautiful in the early hours of the morning? So much so that you feel grumpy each time you struggle to get off the bed and begin the day? I agree the struggle is real but then again, you aren’t alone in this.

So many people especially the late night keepers, struggle so much with getting their day started early because they would like to sleep in. How can we abort this habit and learn to start our day early and make the most of our mornings?

Here are some DO’s and DON’Ts you may want to practise:


  • Plan ahead: Pick out the clothes you intend to wear the next day, get your bag packed and have a pretty good idea what to have for breakfast and possibly lunch too.
  • Think early: Program your mind to want to get up early, say 6 am or earlier, depending on how much tasks you have to accomplish before getting started on the actual business of the day.
  • Set Routine: Stick to following a particular routine each morning so your mind gets used to it and predicts what to do next in the order in which your routine is set.
  • Start: Once you hear that alarm ring or your programmed mind causes your eyes to open that early, don’t grumble and hide under the covers again. Move your body out of bed immediately.
  • To-do list: Write out all you intend to accomplish for the day especially things of value and get started on them right away.
  • Get moving: Once at the office, focus on tasks that need your creative energy first before paying attention to others.


  • Snooze: Once the alarm goes off, don’t hit the snooze button.
  • Deceit: Telling yourself you just want to lie in for an extra 5 minutes may cause you to wake
  • Internet: Don’t go on the internet immediately you wake up. This is a time stealer and can cause your morning to be scattered. Keep your emails and chats for much later in the morning when you are fully functional.
  • Workout: Don’t skip out on your morning exercises. This is one great way to get your body in gear for the day.
  • Television: Don’t put on the TV. This is another great way to waste your time.
  • Prioritize: Don’t be too busy with irrelevant things when you can give priority to the most essential items on your list.

Richard Whately said, “Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.”

I hope these tips help. What other tips do you know? Care to share?

Kindly leave your comments and contributions below.

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