You have heard the saying, “create your happiness” and this you can do when you let go of the unnecessary things that only steal your joy. Sometimes, we deny ourselves the opportunity to be happy by hanging on to some unhealthy habits which do us more harm than good. Granted, letting go may not be easy but it is definitely doable. We need to make that conscious effort to create and maintain a healthy space in which we cultivate and groom ourselves in self-love.

Love yourself enough to cut off those limitations that tie you down. Learn to enjoy life and not sabotage yourself by sometimes making things more complicated than they should. Here are a few things to let go in order to become a happier and healthier person:


It’s great to dream big but keep your expectations realistic and practical. Patience is a vital quality in our growth in life. All your goals cannot be reached overnight but with each passing day and putting in the work, you get closer to achieving them. Don’t quit when things get hard. Just take things gradual and trust the process. Don’t put yourself under undue pressure. It’s not worth it.


Don’t be a people-pleaser. It’s one of the saddest lows. Stand up for yourself and have an opinion. You don’t have to be a pushover because you want people to like you. As long as you are happy with the decisions you’ve made and as long as you’re not hurting anyone, you shouldn’t care about other people are saying. Don’t expect everyone to be okay with your actions, so forget about pleasing everyone because you can’t. Show gratitude for what you have and live your life as you want in a good way. Be the person you want to be and not who the world wants you to be.


If you can’t change the situation or do anything about it, why worry? Worry leaves you joyless, depressed and miserable. You definitely need to let it go. It can’t help you solve anything.


Severe ties with every person bringing you negative energies. Cut off from people who constantly bring you down, judge you and criticize you all the time. Be with positive people who encourage you and help you up even when you fall. Life is hard enough without adding the toxicity of others to it. Surround yourself with people who love and appreciate you and who will always be there for you when you will need them, because they are the ones that really matter.


Contrary to what you might think, jealousy can never make you happy. It only makes you feel bad and eat you deep inside. Don’t be jealous of others, learn from them if you can and focus on achieving your dreams and putting yourself in that position where you feel good about you, not because of others but because of you.


Frank Sinatra gave a great advice when he said that: “Success is the best revenge.” It truly is. Don’t stoop low to the point of hurting those who hurt you. It only puts you in same level as them and not any better. Rise above that hurt, focus your energy on trying to achieve your goals and on trying to fulfill your dreams. Become better and let your success be your revenge.

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