Although women drive and incur responsibility for their family’s car maintenance, there is a popular culture which repletes humorous comments and judgmental critiques that effectively deny women pride in their driving abilities and car-related expertise. Despite women’s long history with cars, these stereotypes persist. With the advent of ride-sharing companies like Uber and Taxify, this is becoming an old folktale.

DriveHer is a ride-sharing service staffed by female drivers for female passengers. Aisha Addo is the creative hands behind  DriveHER. Being the founder and the one at the helms of affairs of Power to Girls Foundation and her startup called DriveHER which provides mentorship and leadership opportunities for young women from the African Diaspora in Toronto. The proud Ghanaian was motivated to start her enterprise after an experience with a taxi driver left her uncomfortable.


She was in a taxi going from a friend’s house to her home in Mississauga when her cab driver started asking her uncomfortable questions.


“He was asking me if I lived alone, and for me that was a bit triggering, because I happened to. Then he started asking if I had a boyfriend, and then [there] just started to be some really weird sexual innuendos. I became a bit guarded.

It sort of got me thinking later on, ‘What about the people whose phones are off, or they don’t really have anyone to call?”


That was the trigger that led to the kick starting of DriveHer. The female drivers are also recruited based on the ride-sharing service standards. The service  functions like every other existing ride-sharing app, its unique selling point is that, it is a platform that doesn’t allow male passengers or drivers.

It is a DriveHer for Her and by Her.

The next time you find yourself in Canada, will you board a DriverHer?

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