What does it mean to evolve? To evolve means to develop, to grow and to change gradually. The keyword here is ‘change’ and I am sure we are used to hearing the phrase ‘change is constant in life’ but yet, we humans have been designed to resist change. The world hates change so much that we have refused to see that change brings progress.

Change means to act differently or to do something differently. For every growth that must take place in our lives, there is a need for us to do something we are not used to. For instance I am sure we were all thrilled by  Beyonce’s extraordinary 2 hour performance which she put up for the California Music festival -‘Coachella’.

It might interest you to know that ‘Queen Bey’ rehearsed 11 hours daily for that performance to look the way it did.

This just goes to tell you that talent alone is not enough to drive your passion. We must have that hunger to be the best in every area of our lives and the determination to break boundaries. The only way this is possible, is by working hard, learning everyday and doing things differently.

In every area of our lives, change is important. Do you want to grow your business? Change from the usual way you run it. Do you want to grow in your spiritual life? Change your lifestyle.

Just like Maya Angelou said:

‘If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.’

Change is needed for growth, the ability to adapt to change is intelligence. Change comes with challenges, but challenges are needed for development. Sometimes it takes strength and conviction to continue on a mission, but that’s the only way to make vision come true.

Below are ways we could challenge ourselves to be better persons and be better at what we do:

  1. Never stop learning but be curious to know about your expertise.
  2. Don’t make excuses, because excuses never bring success.
  3. Set small goals regularly as a way of checking yourself and putting yourself back on track.
  4. Network smartly; most people still underestimate the power of networking.
  5. Stretch yourself, leave your comfort zone and explore the world of possibilities.


Always remember when you are finished changing, you are finished – Benjamin Franklin

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