The aim of every little girl is to end up being a Princess who will end up being swept off her feet by her Prince Charming and they ‘d live happily ever after in a glass castle. However, not all Princesses live up to those imaginations and aspirations. As time proceeds, love might sour, beautiful faces lose their charm and they are left with scratches and nags in a house that was once a home.

The lyrics of Sean Combs — Diddy’s ‘I am coming home‘ reels out:

“A house is Not a Home”, I hate this song
Is a house really a home when your loved ones are gone

A house can be only made a home if you intentionally decide to. The best gift you could ever give to your family is making your home a safe haven that every member of your family runs towards when the sharp and harsh claws of life come tugging. A house provides shelter, but a home is where you weather all of life’s little storms — and revel in the sunshine.

Make the physical, spiritual, emotional, career, academic and mental well-being of your family member your priority. Hygge your home up! Make it a place of ambience, cosiness, warmth, hygiene and where could be an ideal place to escape to.  Practise hospitality and good home management which helps to maximize your time, energy, and resources.

Avoid being busy yet unengaged. Also, Spend time with your kids and love your husband. Nothing supersedes a mother’s touch. As your kids grow up they will be more thankful for a mother who spent time with them, no matter how little it was. Spending time with loved one creates moments which in turn evolves into memories.

You would rather be a homemaker who built her home than a statistic of one who allowed her home fizzle away.

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