If you ever saw a leopard without spots, will you still regard it to be a leopard? If a lion lost its mane, will it still be a lion? It’s hilarious to think you ‘d find a lion without a mane or perhaps if honey lost its sweet taste, it will never taste like honey. There is a push and pull force existing around influence and if you are all about swimming with the tide, you might find yourself losing what makes you different and losing sight of the seashore. People are different and unique and no two people possess same virtues or identities. As much as these are things you possess, you could as well lose them in the blink of an eye.

Losing what makes you different can affect your personal life, business, career, and relationship. A room for improvement and change for negative things should be created but if your changes are going from bad to worse, you might need to pause and evaluate.

Humans are wired to think that the grass is greener at the other side at a point in time, sometimes this is nothing but the exertion of the push and pulls of the force of influence especially when it has to do with letting go of a positive virtue, characteristics and identity. It could be things as small as integrity, punctuality, love, doggedness, commitment, courage, reliable, impartial, adventurous, or adaptable.

These virtues are apparently abstract things but they reflect in everything you do. There is a tendency for your personal traits and virtues to reflect on your attitude to your career or business, love life, faith, and interpersonal relationship.

These traits are usually ingrained in us and come naturally, right? Yes, but if we become more mindful of the difference that their practice can make in our daily life, we will undoubtedly lead a more fulfilling and happy life. Make the most out of your life and be the best version of you.

Don’t let go of your spots.


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