Over the duration of the week, a video emerged that had us clutching our pearls.

Lancaster Barnstormers team member and baseball player, Danry Vasquez was shown hitting his then Girlfriend in 2016 in a graphic image caught on CCTV cameras. The Lancaster Barnstormers have since released him from his obligations as a team member and dissociated themselves from his actions.

His now, ex-girlfriend, Fabiana Perez who was being hit in the video was quoted as saying “I watched this video and think to myself, how could I ever let this happen to me? Why didn’t I do anything?” the 21-year-old said in an interview on Tuesday with Univision.

Sadly, this is characteristic of many DV victims who have been through similar incidents. Many victims, at the time can’t seem to process what is going on and afterwards, their partners are able to apologise and maybe even mean it at that point in time. This is why domestic violence is one of the most common forms of recurring abuse between partners.

It was also revealed that this video had been viewed back then in 2016 by his former baseball team and he was formally let go from the team even though the video has only emerged to the public now. He escaped any form of criminal liability at the time as Miss Perez refused to press charges. If given the chance now, she explains that her decision might have been quite different. This video is a clear reminder of all the work we still need to do as a society in eliminating domestic violence and spreading the word on how important it is to seek help and punish offenders where necessary.

Please contact Comfort Empowerment and Advocacy on +2348170555001 or send an email to info@ceaf.ng if you are in need of assistance on any domestic violence related matter.

Watch the graphic video below: Source: @talkradio on Twitter

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