By now, you’ve heard of the infamous ‘barbecue’ treatments that are being recommended as helping to tighten the vaginal walls. Some also claim to treat fibroids and cysts…


In this twitter thread, Our favourite Twitter Doctor, Dr Olufunmilayo warns about the damage that these treatments could potentially do to this sensitive part of our bodies. From infections to long terms complications, the list is endless. He dispels the notion that these treatments are supposed to assist our reproductive organs and goes on to explain how it may actually be highly detrimental. In the thread, he not only opposes the myth that steaming the vagina would be beneficial, he also lists some other ways women can take good care of their sexual organ to avoid any medical hiccups as far as possible.

Read @drolufunmilayo’s twitter thread below as he takes a hilarious approach to not only breaking the myth but educating women on how best to care for this sexual organ.

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