Ever heard the saying, “Fear walks out when Faith walks in?” We may all have our various definitions and interpretations of the word, “Faith” but aside it been “Believing in things yet unseen”, the word, Faith is sometimes used as a means of encouragement to people, to help them believe in themselves.

We say to our loved ones, “I believe in you and trust you would succeed in this job” or “I know you can do this as I have much faith in you”. Wait a minute!….Now that I think about it, the definition of Faith I mentioned earlier, “Believing in things yet unseen”, sure works in every ramification. Believing in others, means you trust them to be able to succeed even though you have not yet seen them in action.

At times, when people are being celebrated and are asked to give the vote of thanks, more often than not, we hear responses like, “l like to thank my parents, family and friends, (or whoever they appreciate in the speech) and everyone who believed in me. I couldn’t have done it without you all”. 

In some other cases when the one celebrated has been appreciated, you may hear maybe the parents say something like this – “We knew you could do it, kiddo. We knew you had it in you all along. We are so proud of you”.

These words of faith spoken to someone, “I believe in you”, “I trust you can do this”, are an embodiment of strength. These words make people and help them discover their innate potentials. These words can transform the life of another and make them a positive force to be reckoned with.

These words push people to look deep within themselves and rise above any situation or circumstance life throws at them. Writing someone off as a “no good” doesn’t in any way improve anyone. Instead, it pushes them farther off the cliff.

There are people out there who have given up on themselves and just hold on to that thin thread of hope that someone out there would be able to illumine their path with these simple but powerful words of faith.

All they need is just that one word of encouragement to find their way again. Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”

Be the hope to someone out there. Be the shining light to guide a lost one back to his path. No one is useless. No one is worthless. We all stray away once in a while only that some stray farther and get lost. Let someone smile again because of you. Let someone choose to live because of you. Be a friend.

Let your words bring healing and not cause wounds. In concurrence to what Robert Fulghum did say, “Yelling at living things does tend to kill the spirit in them. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will break our hearts…” Let us be a shining light to change the world. We can be the difference in another’s life.

We don’t have to wait for something bad to happen to someone else before we open the book of lamentation and start squealing tears that “Oh……he was so full of promise”, “I used to be in the same class with her, she was very smart”, “Dancing was one thing he was really good at”, “She had a most beautiful voice”…… and so on.

Say all these beautiful, positive and encouraging words now to these people who still have life in them and give them hope to discover their path and live gracefully. I very much agree with Jarod Kintz who said, “I think eulogies are wasted on the dead. It’s the living who need to hear kind words spoken about them.”

Come to think of it, of what use are these words to the dead? It’s not like they can come back and live again. Say these encouraging words to people now that they still live and breathe and maybe….just maybe your words would bring that lost soul from the brink of death and add another pleasant 50 years to his/her life.

“Our lives are the gospel that people read”, so someone said. Be the light others are searching for. Let your words not cause destruction but bring life to people.

All it takes is a “You can overcome this”, to prevent someone from committing suicide or give up on life. It takes just an “I believe in you” to shine a glimmer of hope to someone who got lost somewhere in the tunnel. Do not push people away with your I-am-better-than-you attitude. You too need or would need encouragement at one time or the other or you think not?

Naaaa……. Life is not an island. We all need each other to push forward and together, we create that wonderful world we all want to live in. Employing his sense of humour, again Jarod Kintz said, “I’m a master of encouragement. Why should I do work myself when the price of getting others to do it for me is as cheap as cheering them on?”

Live and let live, my friends.


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