I want to be forever young and also live forever. Is that a possibility? I hear you voicing a resounding,  No! What if you find out you have just five years to live, what would you do? Will you live the same way you are living now? I am certain you would want to live those last five years happily.

How can you be happy? What is your definition of happiness?  Happiness is the feedback you get from giving out value. A friend once said that happiness stems from pretty very small things like designing a pair of shoes that springs up the confidence in them, helping people in a way that causes them to go teary-eyed in joy or generating solutions to challenges that has been causing millions heartaches.

Sadly enough, these are not our stories. Do you know that there is a high possibility that the food you eat, the clothes you wear, your countenance, the job you do, are all done in a bid to make someone else happy while your happiness is caged like fine sand in an hour glass. This is our story, we engage in things that we think will bring happiness but we never get to our destination – We are left in a unending cycle.  We are engrossed in things that lack real value and live a life that misses its impact on the world.



I have asked myself why people live unhappily their entire life and end up having a “celebration  of life” inscribed on their tombstone then I realised that people loved living a lie.

Between the why, when and what questions, the most difficult to give answers to, are the ‘Why Questions.’

So why have you not written that book yet?

Why have you not taken up that course yet?

Why have you not started your guitar classes?

Why have you not kick started your business?

There is no currency in the entire world that can buy happiness. True happiness comes when you live out your passion, values and dreams – Remember you set them out and as you a achieve them, it empowers you and makes you incredibly in-charge of your life. This is the real you. This is who you were meant to be.


Follow that path sets your heart on fire!

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