Do you remember how you felt on your wedding day probably a little tense, anxious, or extremely happy?  Whatever the case was, renewal of marital vows there is a way to recreate that memorable moment. This time, it is guaranteed that you won’t be having too many things bothering you as it ‘d earlier probably due to your present position of being in control and influencing decisions.

A renewal of marriage vows ceremony is primarily celebratory. They have no legal effect and are not legally binding on those who participate and you might want to introduce an option for some religious content.

It is a unique and personal celebration so you won’t be under the pressure of family members rather, you and your partner are totally in control of the activities you intend for the day. The guest’s list is up to you

Renewals take place at milestone anniversaries (ruby, gold or diamond wedding anniversaries) the ceremony is just as appropriate at any stage of marriage. Some couples also celebrate the renewal of the vows because they were not privileged to have their dream wedding and in some cases, the intending couple’s marriage could have suffered some emotional turmoil.

Since it is not legally binding, anyone can officiate. Choosing a close friend or family member to lead the ceremony makes it even more personal and involves people you love. Choosing a choice location that suits your personality is a really great thing to do. Perhaps a sandy beach with the sun setting behind you, or surrounded by the lush flowers of a tropical island garden. What could be more romantic?

You might want to wear your original wedding gown, a cocktail dress, or something more casual. Renewing your vows doesn’t mean renewing your wedding registry. This is a time to celebrate your love and commitment to each other with friends and family or maybe alone -depending on what decision you want to go by.

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