So, I was watching this movie, “duff” (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) some time ago and it got me thinking…. More often than not, we have either been or had the tendency of being the duff in our relationships or friendships. Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be fat or ugly.

It just means you are the “go-to” person that others become friends with not because they like you but because they have the ulterior motive of establishing real friendships with your other friends whom they are actually interested in.

When this is achieved, they kick you to the curb. Sounds familiar? It’s quite common among girl friendships especially when guys come into the picture. In order for them to make a great first impression on the one they really like, the guy first becomes friends with you, the very “easy and approachable one” and get all the information he needs to make his move. When it clicks, you are sidelined because your purpose has been served and now, you are seemingly insignificant.

The thing about being a duff is that it doesn’t even have to be a boy/girl relationship. It happens even in normal friendships. Now do a mental search in your head and scan through your relationships and friendships. How has it been? Have you always been in the shadow of that your ”bestie” or are you seen as your own person? Do your friends keep you close because you add value to their lives or do they just ”manage” you?

Are you the type to always be on the receiving end but never gives? It must not be of physical resources but of your time, talents, yourself? True and fulfilling friendships are established on the ”give and receive” platform. What are you valued for? How do you contribute to the lives of others?

You don’t have to be the duff. Uh-uh! No more of that. Brand yourself, be your own person and be the amazing DUFF – Daring, Unique, Fabulous and Fun.

Let others seek to be friends with you not because you are rich, proud, arrogant and scary or because you are their ticket to wealth, but instead because you have a wonderful personality. Let others seek you out because they know becoming friends with you would make them better.

Have that sweet aura and charisma around and about you. Wear that beautiful smile always that lights up the world. Let people approach you not because you are the ”go-to” person but because you are the one they are actually interested in. You are amazing and have so much to offer. There is nothing more appealing than self-confidence. I can very well say so. Think highly of yourself and others would see you as such.

Your personality is not dependent on your social status. Even if you have not a dime in your pocket, you can still command the respect you deserve. It’s all about your personality and how you want others to see you. Have that special appeal about and around you. Remember, you are beautiful inside and out. Now go out there and be the star that you are.


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