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Hold up! Just when we thought snapchat dysmorphia was bad enough; now there is an increasing trend in dimpleplasty.

Dimpleplasty is an artificial way of getting semi-permanent dimples which can be achieved through surgery. Most of us, no doubt would agree that dimples are facial features some of us may admire in other people or that we have and it is just heartbreaking to discover that they are actually genetic defects that are caused by shortened facial muscles; but having them artificially created is a drastic step to take.

This procedure is said to be popular because it takes as little as 30 minutes to achieve and requires no general anesthesia to relieve pain. This procedure is reported to be a trend for a while now, but its requests are becoming alarming says Wright Jones, a plastic surgeon from Atlanta who also described the surgery procedure.

In order to create the fake dimples, surgeons create an incision inside a patient’s mouth, where a defect is created in the cheek muscle, known as the buccinator. The muscle is then attached to the under surface of the skin so that the dimples are seen upon animation, but not when the face is relaxed.

Costing between 244,000 naira ($800) to 742,500 ($2500), this semi-permanent dimple lasts for only two months and comes with mild swelling and soreness; after which the tissue will eventually settle and the indention will only be seen when smiling.

But Jones warns that although the treatment has little downtime there are still risks involved, which could lead to deformities that are incredibly difficult to correct.

Dimples could be overly dramatic, appear underwhelming, look unnatural, disappear with time, or even be located in the wrong place. He says.


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