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When next you get that instinct to do something creative or start an invention make sure you ignore that tiny voice in your head saying you can’t do it and push yourself to achieving something. You never can tell, that creation may end up being your legacy or the key to your next opportunity.

Below are five fascinating inventions by women which we will still use till date:

The Medical Syringe

Letitia Mumford Geer the medical syringe inventor was born in 1852 and she invented the first set of the medical syringe in 1896 which gave basis to most modern medical syringes. At that time, Letitia invention could only be used with one hand and it was bigger than what we see in present times; it also had contained glass parts. Through this invention, Letitia changed the world and its concept of medical treatment.


The Dish Washer

Josephine Cochrane believed that if you want something done right you better do it yourself.  But when it came to doing the dishes, she really didn’t want to, so she invented a machine to wash them for her. She was born in 1839 and her creation had wire compartments for plates, cups and saucers.  They were put inside a wheel that lay flat inside a copper boiler while a motor turned the wheel pumping hot soapy water from the bottom of the boiler over the dishes.


Creator of the closed-circuit television system (CCTV) Marie Van Brittan was born in 1822 and raised in Jamaica Queens. Although she was a nurse, Marie was concerned about the increased crime rate in her neighbourhood coupled with the slow response gotten from the police; so she worked with her husband Albert an electronics technician and both invented the CCTV.

Ice Cream Machine Maker

Nancy Johnson is the creator of the ice cream freezing machine invented in 1843 way before freezers were discovered. It was a manual device which had an outer wooden pail filled with crushed ice and an inner tin containing ice cream that was mixed together for 45 minutes or so to create the delicious treat.
The invention was patented in 1843 however, Nancy sold it off cheaply and after over 70 improvements on this device, it became the standard machine we use today for ice cream making.



So remember, if you think it then you can do it.

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