Being an entrepreneur seems to be an easy escape route to being tied down by a 9-5 to some people while some perceive it as being rosy to engage in. Threading a career path is a journey and the same applies to one willing to sail through the winds of entrepreneurship. Ever before you took the bold step to venture into being an entrepreneur, here are some of the delusions you probably held onto;

Sleeping time just got better 

You might be tempted to believe that being free from the shackles of a 9-5 will provide you with the needed time to enjoy the long hours of sleep you have always craved for. Shockingly, when you go about building your empire, you will find yourself waking up probably very early to make early sales, deliveries, attending meetings or catching up with an appointment.

Time has no boss.


It is going to be completely fun 

Just like life is a roller-coaster, entrepreneurship is not an exception. You are bound to have your ‘Highs’ and ‘Lows’ but with a prepared mental approach you will be able to scale every hurdle you come across and become more successful than you have ever imagined.



Entrepreneurship rewards those who jump off the cliff

That was a big fat lie! If entrepreneurship rewarded those who jumped off cliffs then base jumpers would be the most successful people. Living in itself is a risk. Brace yourself! There will be periods when it might be needful to take risks so as to acquire resources, rake in sales or advance your business. One thing to note is that people like Folorunsho Alakija, Aliko Dangote or Oprah Winfrey did not just wake up one morning and exclaimed “Its risk-taking day” then jumped off a cliff. These business-associated risks were pre-strategized, data-drive, research-based and calculated.


Your accounts are going to be blinking green 

No! Not immediately but as you proceed you certainly will make huge profits. Your start-up is just like a seed burrowed in the ground, you cannot feed from it or get shade from it but as it grows you will begin to enjoy the ambience of lying under a flourishing green tree.


You need Richard Branson’s net worth to get started

Whoever sold that idea to you? You are definitely going to need funding.  You could source for fund through co-operative societies, loans, grants, personal saving, factoring, crowdfunding or even new investors. So you don’t necessarily need a large fund to start your business.


What delusions have you ever had  or presently have concerning entrepreneurship?






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