Whoever said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is the true definition of being individualistic. In recent years we have been made to believe that beauty can only be defined by Ads and commercials on TV but someone told a lie. Beauty, like love, is undefinable anywhere but in one’s own heart.

Its that abstract thing that makes you feel it humbles you than lifts you up higher than you were before.

Our physical appearance has not a single thing to do with what real beauty means, but the world around us often tells us otherwise. We are taught to invest a majority of the opinions we form about ourselves and others upon the exterior and set standards just the same. The media presents us with an idea of beautiful, and it’s all too easy to feel unworthy when we don’t quite match up.

Embrace real beauty, the beauty that comes from living in the fullest expression of yourself, the effervescence that comes from a person when she, or they are truly free to be who they are, to say what they think, and to be themselves without fear. The beauty that comes from “imperfection.”

When you stop looking through the lens of what everyone else feels is beautiful, your life will change.

There is no more radical expression of self-care than to look in the mirror as you are and say, “I am beautiful and I love who I am.”


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