The arrival of a baby is heralded with so much excitement. The sniffling cries and sweet baby smell that gives your home a new fragrance is another thing associated with families who have just welcomed a newborn. Sure, baby powder and scented wipes may add to the intoxicating smell, but that newborn baby smell is all natural. Still, researchers are not entirely sure what causes it. This newborn baby smell is extra hard to study because the smell is gone after six weeks.

I can imagine your super excitement to welcome your baby but if you are considering setting up a nursery for your newborn. What you will find below will be helpful;

Safety is primary

Safety is a priority in the setting up of your baby’s nursery. Create a safe zone around the cot by positioning it away from windows, heaters, lamps, wall decorations and cords. Keep furniture that your baby could climb away from the cot too.

Simple is beautiful

If you go for a neutral background and mix in age-appropriate accessories, you probably won’t need to redecorate every few years. Keep it simple and decide on a single focus for the room early on – it could be a piece of furniture or artwork. Make your choice of gorgeous and durable nursery furniture and accessories out there. Many cribs can be adapted with a toddler rail that keeps small children from rolling out of bed but allows them to safely head to the bathroom at night without climbing over a dangerously high crib rail.
You might be carried away to think childish but think child-friendly.

Choose soft and tranquil colours

Warm but tranquil-likened colours are best suited for nurseries especially if you decide not to stick with the standard pink or motif blue. Calm and nurturing colours should be considered. When your baby gets older, she’ll have her own ideas about her bedroom, so take this special time to think about what makes you feel relaxed.

Your baby will need lightening

In addition to an overhead light on a dimmer, adding at least one table or floor lamp for additional ambient light looks awesome. There will be situations where your baby may be wide awake and scream at 3 a.m, but chances are, you’ll be exhausted and hoping to soothe your little one back to sleep soon. You both need that lightning.


You will need a storage 

If your budget can allow it fit in. Choose storage that fits your needs today and tomorrow. Though it seems like it, your baby won’t be in diapers forever, so be sure that basket you buy for diapers can hold something else when you’re done with that phase. Choose a rocking chair or glider with armrests to support your tired arms.






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