I have always felt living life was all about collating experiences. What is life without experiences if not a boring tragedy sit-com on a monochrome television? I grew up as the curious one in the lot. I was curious for a kid my age. I just wanted to know.
My mind still pictures the hot afternoon I had chased a scared rabbit that had jumped out of a nearby bush. My neighbourhood was a developing community at the time. So, It was not unusual to stumble on some ‘not-so-common’ rodents and even reptiles.
The scared rabbit raced like it’s life depended on its pace. I was nothing but an unharmed kid who wanted to have a closer look at this beauty with whiskers and a quick wiggling nose. It was obvious that it was tense but I wanted this friendship forced or not. By just the movement of my foot, the bunny raced to a safe haven, burrowing itself into a hole. I smiled and figured out that this friendship was never going to work.
Later, it jumped out again and headed to another hole. I could discern it was searching for its destination.
Most of us are like scared rabbits. We are often scared to make decisions. We go back and forth, sometimes never coming up with a satisfactory decision. The truth is the decision-making process is never easy.
No matter how many tricks you have up your sleeve, you’re bound to lose a little sleep over the big decisions.
  • Have a Life Vision
  • Evaluate the Pros and the Cons
  • Bring God into it 
  • Talk to someone who knows more than you do 
  • Research and Experiment
  • Punch the decision making and don’t look back
One thing to note is thatno matter how much we analyse and procrastinate, uncertainty will always be there.
Go with your heart.

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