Debt problems can really hold you back if you do not learn how to control it. This is why it is very important that you learn proper credit management.

However, most times people are quick to think that debt relates to only money but it surpasses that. Until you’ve had it on your shoulders, you can’t know how it feels.  Here are debts you need to strip yourself off:


Most people who are trying to reach their potential think they have to put in extra hours at work. If you’ve been working 10-hour days, you’ve probably built up interpersonal debt. Be honest with yourself: Are you being all you can be for your friends and family? If not, it’s important to make more time for them.

Start by setting up a “friends and family” calendar. Not only will doing so help you stay on top of housework like dishwashing, which can strengthen your relationship with your spouse, but it’ll also ensure you have time for bonding. When you look back, you’ll be glad you spent those weekends at campsites and amusement parks instead of conferences.


Financial debt comes in many flavors. Focus on paying back those with the highest interest rates first, which tend to be payday or title loans. Pay medical debts last, which have less impact on your credit score than other types of debt. If you truly can’t afford to pay, consider restructuring—but beware that lowering your monthly payments likely means extending the term.


Of all the areas where you might accumulate debt, your spiritual life is the place where it’s toughest to spot.  Although serious spiritual debts can produce physical symptoms, such as panic attacks, most are quiet and existential in nature. Have you given back to the world the way you want to?

Unfortunately, this kind of debt is also the toughest to pay back. It doesn’t have to be paid through a church; find a spiritual community you’re comfortable with. It can be as informal as a weekly meditating on God’s word, daily prayer or engaging in some spiritual exercise.

Pay off that debt and breathe in some air of relief.


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