As a mother, entrepreneur, recording artist, and now actress, it’s hard to imagine how Kandi finds some alone time. Kandi expressed that like most entrepreneurs, she’s definitely a member of #TeamNoSleep. Although she’s constantly juggling a multitude of personal and professional projects, there are a few hours out of the month delegated for self-care that are non-negotiable for the entertainer.

Along with regularly scheduled trips to the nail salon, the Kandi Koated Nights host shared that even moguls need to unwind with a little Netflix & Chill every now and then. She told xoNecole, “My ‘woosah’ moment is catching up on my favourite shows. It’s just simple stuff like, I have DVR on my favourite TV shows and sometimes I just have to have a moment where I just chill and just watch and just chill. That’s it. It’s nothing extra about it, it’s no special thing. It’s maybe not a big deal for anybody else, or anything somebody else would want to do, but it’s just like my moment to myself where I just get to chill.”

Kandi reminds us all that self-care doesn’t necessarily have to mean an expensive spa day or hours of meditation. #KandiTaughtMe that sometimes true alignment can come from putting my phone on DND, binge-watching this season of Grey’s Anatomy, and not feeling guilty about it one bit.

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