A support system isn’t just a friend, they’re people who will do absolutely ANYTHING to help you. That means being there for all the fun times, but mainly being there for emotional support when you need help! I just want to take this moment to thank all the people in my life who are in my support system. You truly are my family and I would be lost without you. They’re like any other system our bodies have: nervous, digestive, and cardiovascular systems. They’re needed to live a healthy life.

Though some ‘strong’ women might dismiss this on the basis that they are enough but the fact is that everybody needs somebody.

They’re with you through the good and bad. No matter what, your support system is there for you. From going mini golfing and sporting events to the worst: deaths in the family, medical issues, anything. They will be there to have fun with you and help you through everything you experience.

You always have someone to give you a hug and cheer you up. I have always felt that a hug is like a sense of therapy. When you’re in someone’s arms and able to completely let out all your emotions to the other person you automatically begin to feel some stress lifted off your shoulders.

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