Marriage comes with a lot of expectations. It is a mixture of social, family and personal expectations all bundled together. Conflicting expectations often will break a marriage when two people don’t address conflicting expectations. Each intending partner has to prepare himself or herself before they decide to walk down the aisle. When the word ‘wedding’ pops, there is a picture of a great wedding entrance, family and all. So we end up preparing for the wedding so much that we forget that a lifetime of marriage lies ahead.

Dear Bride, Here are a few perks you might consider observing before you say ‘I do’

Don’t sneak away from finance issues

Shying away from a discussion concerning finance can spring up an unpleasant situation that could have been sorted out earlier during your courtship. Talk about your finances with your partner. Make sure you know where you stand on long and short-term goals, spending and saving. Depending on how much either one of you is willing to bend on certain things, money matters can be serious buzzkills for marital bliss. Being too financial dependent will certainly make you a liability soon. You need your worth!

You need a good interpersonal relationship

You are going to acquire more friends and family by the virtue of marriage. If you find it difficult communicating well with unfamiliar faces, then you need to start working on that because there will be a whole lot of them.

You need to have a ‘good cook’ title on your intending bride resumeé

Learn good culinary skills. We are not suggesting you become an old school or feel too domesticated but having basic cooking skills is a life saver. However being a superb cook guarantees you that you will constantly have a family running back home to taste those mouth-watering dishes.

Experiment with your looks

Go classy! Go natural! Learn to have the confidence to go out with or without any makeup on. Learn how to take a compliment but, more importantly, that you don’t need a compliment to feel good about yourself.

Pick a fight with ‘the one’

Find out what his reactions are like when he is angry. It is normal for humans to get angry but if his anger level goes above the borderline, you might want to watch out for possible red flags that could strain your marriage in future. You should have knowledge of how your partner handles conflict.






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