There are two reasons that keep us away from our happiness:

One is that we do not focus on little things that can make us happy. Second, we focus on little things that do not really matter in life but steals our happiness.

Why we cannot be happy all 24 hours? Because we have already decided that we cannot go ahead without worry and tension. We have made sorrow and grief are part of daily life. The height is that you can pass the whole day without happiness but you cannot find a whole day without some worry.

We are working hard to get more things every day but the level of happiness getting down. Do not you think that we were happier as a child when we do not have big things?

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

All our day we keep eye on others. What others are doing? Why they are doing so? Then we say they are the reason that you are not happy.

Not only we curse others but also ourselves. We keep thinking about what we have done in the past. We keep worrying about what to do in the future.

Simply saying that we do not really enjoy what is good in the present. We let a few things (underlined) steals our happiness throughout the day. Let us know what we should not do to live a happy life.

Here, 9 things that Steal your Joy and how to avoid them:

Do not Compare yourself with others:

From childhood, we start comparing things we get. We compare it with our brother, sisters and friends. That is the point we hold a belief that we will be happy when we have more than what others have.

Even sometimes, we are happy because others are in pain. That way you can see that your happiness totally depends on others. Stop focusing on comparison. Be happy because you got something. Not because you got something, better than others did.

Do not Brood over your Past Mistakes:

Do you grief over your past mistakes? Often we spend too much energy in the past. You will say that it is not easy to forget those things. Remember, east or difficult: it is a choice anyway.

We can choose our thoughts. Tell yourself if it is worth thinking about that. Will thinking will fix it. No, it cannot. Whatever happened has given you some lesson. Be happy for that learning and go ahead.

Do not expect too much from others:

“I have done something for others. Therefore, she should do that for me as well.” What is that: a relationship or business? Let them be free to do what they want. Do not expect others to do the way you want every time. Expect less and you do not find yourself hurt anymore.


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