Sticking to finishing your day at the same time every day and make sure your colleagues and clients know that  is essential.

Do everything to leave work at work, too. Before you call it a day, write down all the outstanding tasks and work-related things that are on your mind in order not to think about them in your free time.

Try to choose the most important goals you want to achieve in your professional and private life. If you can’t choose just one for each of these areas, choose two or three. Knowing them will definitely help you to step back from some of the projects you are involved with. Try to let go of the ones that don’t take you any closer to your goals or aren’t related to any of them. Chop, chop!

In order not to lose focus, divide your big tasks into smaller ones and try to do your best to complete what you’ve started. Finishing your tasks in one go isn’t just an effective way to work, it’s also a source of satisfaction.

Try to plan your day in the morning or even the night before. List all the important things you need to do – choose several tasks that will really make your day count and take you closer to your big goals. Once you get them done you will push your projects forward and that’s enough!

When planning, remember to schedule enough time for your family and friends, unexpected things, current affairs, project management and petty tasks that need to happen every day no matter how hard we try to become essentialists.

Setting some rules will make you feel safer and more confident. Sooner or later most of the people you work with will learn your “standards” and naturally respect them.

Diplomatically and politely still say “No.” If a “yes” would make you run behind schedule, let the requester know about that and graciously refuse.

In case the requester is your boss or your client you can still be assertive, just frame your “no” as “that would be difficult, given my current commitments, so let’s find another way to work it out.”

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