With Nigeria’s Female population estimated at 83 million which is 49% of the overall population; there is need for women to empowered. Although, in recent times there has been a positive improvement in women owning leadership roles in the society and doing jobs considered for the male gender an example is Udoka Uju a female painter and Bogolo Joy Kenewendo Bostwana’s youngest minister.

The role of a woman in the society today, places her in a unique position to be a peace builder, who makes sacrifices to provide stability for herself, family and her community. It is therefore interesting to see women come out and take charge in politics, business and entertainment.

Below are five ways we can show support to women everyday.

By telling the women in your life that you care: By telling the women in your life that you care, shows that you appreciate them and are grateful for how they have impacted your life. Empowering women can start from women in your family, workplace or neighbourhood. It could be your sister, mother, aunt, teacher, co-worker, a colleague, or your manager at work. Always make effort to show that you notice their influence in your life and you are appreciative of it. You can start by giving them a call, sending a message or writing a note to them.

Help a new mom: The first weeks of a newborn’s life are the most crucial and being a new mom can be challenging and overwhelming. If you have a new mom around you, helping out isn’t a bad idea. You can start by giving out basic essentials like cloth diapers, blankets, baby oil or bassinet as a way of showing support.

Buy from a female running a small business: Invest in small businesses owned by women. Buy their products and pay immediately. Also help by telling people in your neighbourhood about their business.

Support girls and women in crisis: Do not be judgemental about certain issues involving women. Keep the doors to your homes open be ready to listen to young girls in crisis. Help them out by giving quality advice or reporting any case to authorities if the need be.

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