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Feeling appreciated at work is a major component of job satisfaction that leads to self-motivation/productivity which most employers tend to ignore. There are various assumptions on who a satisfied employee is; while most people think happy employees are those who are monetarily satisfied, the truth is there is a whole lot more to job satisfaction than the pay an employee gets.

Job satisfaction is a condition of the mind that covers all feelings or intuition that determine the level to which an individual sees his/her job-related needs and how they are met. Job satisfaction encompasses employees relationship with his supervisor and co-workers, promotional opportunities, pay, and recognition of efforts.

Every organisation needs employees that are effective, proactive and that can nail every project as they come. It can be frustrating at times when you lead a group of relaxed and nonchalant employees especially when you have a target to meet and this is the more reason why it is necessary to recognize every employee’s effort whenever they put their best foot forward.

A study carried out by Cicero Group revealed that 50% of employees were affected positively by just being thanked by their managers. This not only improved their relationship but also built trust with their higher-ups. This same survey showed that 75% of employees in the workforce felt a thank you, award or gift increased confidence in their skills which naturally fuels motivation, engagement and overall performance at work. Informal shout outs and small one-on-one compliments are personal and have amazing effects on morale as well. Even little acknowledgements encourage team building, leaving coworkers happier to notice the work of one another. All these makes the work environment feel like a community that helps build bonds amongst workers rather than a stiff environment with little or no interaction.

If you are interested in discovering cool ways to appreciate an employee for being awesome, below are a few suggestions to help you:

Free lunch at work

Truth is food does magic and it is always appreciated which can be a used to appreciate an outstanding employee. You can tell such employee to place an order their best meal from any of their favourite food outlets.

Sending a personalised email to an employee

Even after showing that you are impressed with the performance of an employee it wouldn’t hurt sending a thank you mail to them. this method has a way of making them feel special and it is also a good way of winning the trust of an employee. Click here to see samples of thank you emails

Dropping a surprise thank you card

Just like the sent out emails, dropping a thank you card on an employees desk is another interesting way of showing appreciate and trust me that employee will forever keep that card safe.

Give out a free movie ticket

If a blockbuster movie is out, surprise such employee with a ticket to go see an interesting movie. It could be a musical concert, a staged performance or a comedy show.

Schedule an office chat with the employee

Have a personal meeting with such employee where you get to know about them like their background, family and any other thing important. It gives them the impression that you are interested in knowing them and at the end, you can drop hints on how they could work on their potential an even grow to be owners of businesses

Feature a stand out on the employee by putting up their picture on the wall

This method is getting popular in the Nigerian workforce system and it is a good way of showing appreciation.

Try something different and trust me it will boost their performance.


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