Social media influencer and cosmetics entrepreneur Wuzzam Supa a.k.a. Supa Cent just created another sensation and an extra celebration. The business mogul and her husband-to-be Lou just welcomed their daughter Leà Mae Leagea.

The theme of the day was “contractions and contracts.” Why you ask? Well, while in labor, Supa closed on the warehouse for her cosmetics line.


Her friend and fellow entrepreneur Jesseca Dupart (owner of the popular Kaleidoscope hair product line) revealed that Supa initially paid for the warehouse in cash. After a stern talking to from Jess, Supa turned around and secured a far better deal that helped build her credit.

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Jus checking in …… had to handle biz before delivery . . Repost from @darealbbjudy : Ok so boom, last year when @supa_cent posted about BUYING her warehouse CASH…. I called n cursed her out soooo bad and luckily she was able to STRUCTURE a WAYYY better deal that not only got her the building but also acquire and BUILD her credit. I didn’t want my friend to have one without the other ….. cash cool but CREDIT is huge. So for 8 months my friend worked on her credit and she is able to not only get her warehouse but isn’t required to pay it all cash …. and soooo many more doors have opened. I’m so happy she actually listened. Watch her smoke ? ONLY SHE WOULD STILL KEEP THE CLOSING EVEN AFTER HER WATER BROKE ??? . . I’m only telling y’all cuz she told me to…. otherwise it would’ve been our secret

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In true Supa Cent fashion, there were plenty of hilarious moments from the delivery…like this one, where Lou sees his baby girl’s hair for the first time.

Supa, who also has a nine-year-old son, refreshes our memories with this hilarious clip questioning why her followers keep predicting another baby. At the time, Supa thought a newborn would “slow her down,” but clearly she had no idea what was on the horizon.

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