Have you ever wondered why out of every living thing God has created, that its just humans that can talk? Well, humans are higher animals with highly developed cognitive senses. This is why communication is vital in our day to day relation. Some of life’s and the world’s biggest conflict emanated from the inability to communicate.

Communication isn’t just talking and listening. It involves conveying emotions and thoughts. Just as all people are not the same, all people do not communicate in the same way, either. Since some people are more comfortable in certain situations than others, take the time to notice what makes the people in your life feel safe, comfortable and welcome, and approach them in this way.

It is important to know that the way you behave and speak, both verbally and nonverbally, can positively or negatively affect the way others see you and how they might approach you in future situations. Certain people in your life may have different ways of communicating that make them feel more comfortable, and it is important to know how to approach this and effectively communicate with them.

The way you communicate with others can simplify the interactions you have. By knowing your own communication style, you can help others understand how to approach you as well.

Improving methods of communication can greatly increase effectiveness, as well as the overall happiness of those involved and improve your relationship with people, Be it with the girls, at work, with your kids, your partner or a meetup.

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